Welcome to our first newsletter for 2012 - actually our first newsletter in a couple of years!  We hope to communicate with you reguarly on jobs in our workshop, relevant repair and industry news where applicable.

QBIC Whitsunday Regional Meeting

Last month I attended the QBIC Whitsunday Regional Meeting which was held in Airlie Beach. This was our first opportunity as a business to attend these meetings through our sponsorship of QBIC. I am pleased to report that I found the meeting to be very informative and also the opportunity to meet with the operators in the region on their turf of great value. Congratulations to David and Karyn from QBIC for putting on these regional events, I look forward to the next meeting in Chinchilla.

It was also an opportunity to catch up with fellow suppliers and discuss some of the opportunities in this region including Mine transport and Mine spec vehicles.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads were represented by Nicole Holyer who is a Project Officer with Transform, she introduced the "People Plus" resource.  This resource has been designed to assist in the building of the workforce capability in our industry.  The resource includes human resource policies, procedures and guidelines to assist with all recruitment activities you may have in your business.  I have given this resource to our HR representative, Mychell, and expect that she will get some real value from it.  If you have not seen or heard of Transform or the People Plus resource you can enquire at www.tmr.qld.gov.au/transform  or email Tess Baxter at transform@tmr.qld.gov.au to request a copy of the People Plus Reource.

Coachworks News

As many peple are aware, the bus and coach building industry in Australia has undergone a major slow down over the past 12 months and Coachworks as a key supplier is not different.  In September 2011 we had to revaluate our business and make some necessary adjustments to staffing and facilities to best suit the current business climate.  In addition we have had to look at other potential business to ensure we protect our core staff and our ability to manage any projects that may come up in the near or distant future.  This has been helped by an increased involvement by Coachworks as a Key Manufacturing Partner to BUS 4x4, who is a supplier of 4x4 vehicles to all industries.


Over the past three months, we have been able to expand on our previous involvement with BUS 4x4 as a body building partner to now include 4x4 conversions.  Bus 4x4 can supply 4WD vehicles in Toyota Commuter, Coaster and Ford Transit Vehicles.  These can be set up to operate as Mine Buses, Snow Buses or any application requiring an all weather solution.  For more information please visit the BUS 4x4 website www.bus4x4.com.au


Getting Technical - Paint


Over the past couple of years we have had occasions where the common concern regarding staining or chalking of paint finishes is evident,  more often this shows up in the more vibrant colours rather than on plain whites.  In all cases though we have the daunting task of starting our enquiry with the question "do you use a truck wash to clean the vehicles"?  Most of you know that this is like waving a red flag at you however it is quite a fair question considering.

When using products like truck wash it is critical that you mix the products to the reommended specifications or there is a high risk of damaging your paint finish, quite often we simply measure it by pouring into a bucket an unknown quantity of the truck wash and then top up with water.  This usually results in a very high PH level that can cause the chalking and staining that we see,  we have even seen it evident on other body fixtiures with vibrant colours such as personalised number plates.

If this problem is evident on your vehicles and is in the early years of its life it can be repaired with a light machine polish followed by a hand wash / polish.  It may also be a good time to review what products and procedures are being used in your wash bay.  For more  general information there is an extract from the PPG Fleetpool website that outlines the best options for cleaning and maintenance of your fleet livery.  Coachworks are proud members of the PPG Fleetpool network of preferred repairers.  www.ppgfleetpool.com.au

Upcoming Events

The Coachworks Team are excited about the upcoming QBIC Confernce being held on the Gold Coast on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of April.  This event will include vehicle and supplier displays as well as conference sessions.  We will have a display stand and would love to catch up with you at the show.  we will be exhibiting our new display gear including photos of recent works in Repairs and Refurbishing as well as promoting the BUS 4x4 products.  For more information please go to www.coachworks.com.au


Scott Isaacs



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